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Real Menopause Talk

The fact that so many of us feel underprepared and even unaware of Peri to Post Menopause, is a fact that needs to change. By sharing as many stories and experiences as possible, we can bring awareness to this life phase and reassure women that they are not alone at what can be an unsettling and even frightening time.

Real Menopause Talk is an opportunity for every woman (and man too) to share and hear stories about real life experiences of Peri to Post Menopause and the impact it has on all life has to offer.

Real Menopause Talk is also a platform for the best resources available so women no longer have to do their own research; they can find solutions and support that suit them, from HRT to diet advice from acupuncture to bonafide supplements. It is a resource in itself as simply being part of a trusting, safe community can improve symptoms. Sometimes just knowing you are not the only one, is a step in the right direction.

Nov 30, 2021

Kate Codrington is a woman of many talents: Menopause Mentor, Workshop Facilitator, Podcaster, Writer and Therapist.

In this episode, Kate talks us through some simple steps that we can take to guide us through the sometimes turbulent times of Perimenopause. She reassures us that messiness and shame is universal which is such a relief! She encourages us to find communities where people are real and honest about their experiences and reveals how this system of Peri to Post Menopause works, leading us to our Second Spring which is, “bloody great!”

Kate’s first book, ‘Second Spring - The Guide To Self Care For Menopause’ comes out on 17th February 2022, published by Harper Collins.